Introducing our sponsor Japan Digital Design

We are particularly lucky to have Japan Digital Design as a sponsor of the Nintendo Switch + Tech program. As a subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), Japan’s largest financial institution and the world’s fifth largest bank, Japan Digital Design is focused on bringing innovation to Japan’s banking system..

Japan Digital Design is working on issues such as designing more user-friendly interfaces, creating new systems for cashless smartphone payments, using AI to automate finance, and IoT payment with sensors. By hiring tech engineers from outside and collaborating with major regional banks, they are researching and prototyping key areas for innovation to prepare the institution for next generation banking.

MUFG is a large global institution with a long history of adapting to market changes. They recognize the need to keep innovating, and that accessing technologies and resources outside of their organization is key for new ideas and quick development.

This is what we at Scrum Ventures focus on; connecting such forward-thinking global institutions with Silicon Valley type innovation. MUFG’s sponsorship of the Nintendo Switch + Tech program is a perfect fit.