Work with some of the best minds in innovation

Scrum Ventures is bringing great mentors to the table who will help you find the most promising opportunities and work with you to create great solutions.

Most mentors will participate by meeting with teams to help them, while others will participate by providing a talk or workshop.

  • Nihal Mehta

    Founding General Partner @ Eniac Ventures

  • David Sobeski

    SVP of Innovation @ Nordstrom

  • Sanjay Sarma


  • Chris DeVore

    Managing Partner @ Founders Coop

  • Kate Whitcomb

    Program Director @ HAX (an SOSV Accelerator)

  • Jim Scheinman

    Founding Managing Partner @ Maven Ventures

  • Ryan Hoover

    Founder @ Product Hunt and Weekend Fund Investor

  • Satoshi Nakajima

    Founder & Chief Scientist @ Xevo

  • Nathaniel Manning

    CEO @ Ushahidi

  • Ithamar Sorek


  • Alexandre Winter

    Director @ Netgear

  • Noah Doyle

    Managing Director @ Javelin Venture Partners

  • Chris Church

    Founder & CEO @ MacroFab

  • Marco Mascorro

    CEO @ Fellow Robotics

  • Neema Moraveji

    Co-founder and Chief Scientist @ Spire