Your technology on Nintendo Switch

We are seeking technologies that expand the scope of Nintendo Switch in gaming and beyond. Nintendo Switch + Tech is an opportunity for innovators to establish a technology partnership that touches tens of millions of lives.

About the program

Nintendo Switch + Tech, managed by Scrum Ventures, seeks to find technologies that could lead to new experiences on Nintendo Switch. We welcome applications for all types of technologies that could be leveraged by Nintendo as the company continues to innovate experiences for Nintendo Switch, ranging from hardware to software.

Opportunities are wide open for startup teams of all stages, research teams at universities, or technology teams from larger corporations worldwide. A selective group of chosen applicants will have the unique opportunity to talk with the engineers behind Nintendo Switch and demo their technology.

Program Timeline

  • April 12 – June 9

    Application Open

    We invite startups of all stages, research teams, and technology teams from around the world with unique or advanced technologies that can expand the scope of Nintendo Switch, in gaming and beyond.

  • Early Summer


    We will select the most qualified teams through a rigorous selection process that will include multiple interviews based on the information provided in the application.

  • Two months

    Virtual Program

    A handful of selected teams will receive virtual mentorship and coaching from Scrum Ventures and world-class experts during a two-month virtual program, along with the opportunity to talk to developers at Nintendo about their technology. During this time, the selected teams will work on preparing their technology demo and pitch to Nintendo.

  • Early Fall

    Pitch Day at Nintendo

    This is your chance to showcase your technology and creativity! The selected teams will do a technology demo and pitch to decision making development members at Nintendo.
    * Selected teams will not be announced publicly. Read FAQ for details.

Scrum Ventures

Scrum Ventures, entrusted by Nintendo, will manage Nintendo Switch + Tech program. Scrum Ventures is a seed stage venture firm investing across a range of industries in the U.S. and Asia. Based in San Francisco with extensive experience and networks in both Silicon Valley and Japan, Scrum Ventures accelerates portfolio companies with global opportunities and helps corporations innovate.

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Nintendo is looking for technologies that could lead to new experiences on Nintendo Switch. What new and exciting experiences could your technology open up to the tens of millions of users around the world?

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